MCAS - My Child At School

MCAS is a school online payment system that gives our parents a more convenient and flexible way to pay school for a range of activities and services.

By making cashless payments parents know that their money has reached the school safely.

Parents can view their secure account statement and payment history, check when payments need to be made and set alerts to tell them when to pay school online.  Cashless payments helps us to run a more efficient school office as administration time in the school office is reduced.

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we use MCAS as the main way to pay for all of our money transactions including;

  • school meals
  • school trips
  • breakfast club
  • afterschool clubs
  • residential trips
  • nursery fees

To make a transaction please visit the MCAS website and follow the log in instructions.

For further information on how to use this facility please contact the school office.